The Best time to take creatine

There are various times recommended when it comes to using creatine as a supplement. No accurate studies are available advising that it’s best to take creatine at a certain time of the day, before or even after training.

However there are three known times advised in using creatine supplementation that will be discussed here.

Nutrient timing

Nutrient timing of creatine has been a topic for a while now, especially with athletes looking for the edge while in the gym or trying to transform their bodies into athletic machines.

The main concern is that you want the most out of this supplement when spending your hard earned money on it.

Numerous athletes have tried to apply timing and optimization with the use of various supplements, however so far with all the research done on creatine they have still not found the what is the best time to take creatine.

With this in mind creatine users falls into three categories:

Taking it before a workout

The argument that usually arises here is the fact that the more creatine you take, the more ATP (more power) energy is provided for your muscles. The more power you have, the more muscle contractions you can do and the more intense your workout will be. With more lifting comes improved muscle growth.

Taking it after your workout

On the other side of the argument is the fact that creatine helps with the regeneration of your muscles after completing strenuous weightlifting exercises. Indeed your muscles are depleted and in need of nutrients. By using creatine with your protein and carbs after a workout, your body will suck everything you give it in order to restaure its internal functions. This can be a great option since you won’t ‘waste’ even a gram of your creatine.

Taking the creatine whenever you want

The last argument that arises from taking creatine is that you can take it whenever you want and it will provide you with the benefits anyway.

What do the researches say?

With numerous studies on creatine the scientists advised that it’s best to take the supplement after a workout, although more studies are required in order for that statement to be proven completely right.

So when should you take creatine?

The when to take it is not that important as previously shown, it’s advised that you take the supplement when you want and appropriately. The concern is how you take it. The best result is the dosage that is still between 2 to 5 grams per day.

This all depends on the form of creatine you will be taking. Some creatine forms require you to start with a loading phase of 5 grams per day for at least seven days to fill up your muscles with creatine. This is why the loading phase is so important, especially if you are a new user.

Creatine such as creatine hydrochloride and Kre-Alkalyn allows you to take lower dosages and does not require you to start with a loading phase. The best is to follow the directions on the labels of the creatine you bought.