MusclePharm Arnold Schwarzenegger Iron CRE3 Creatine Review

When it comes to being a pro athlete, you need some assistance to build your muscles, provide you with stamina and recovery after your strenuous workout. Then you need to take a look at MusclePharm Arnold Schwarzenegger Iron CRE3 Creatine.

From being a bodybuilder, the terminator and now in the office as Governor, Arnold knows about power. This recognized bodybuilder has learnt quite a few tricks and his available line of supplements includes the Arnold Iron CRE3 Creatine.

The Iron CRE3 is the only supplement in MusclePharm range that only contains creatine as their key ingredient.

What makes Arnold Iron CRE3 Creatine special?

The Arnold pre-workout supplement required no loading phase and consists of an exceptional creatine structure and ten times more powerful than creatine monohydrate.

The supplements key feature ingredient holds creatine nitrate for better absorption without the loading phase required with numerous other pre-workout enhancements.

This product will support you with strength, muscle, mass improvement, and recuperation with power lifting.

While using the Arnold Iron CRE3 Creatine you will not feel bloated, have stomach cramps, or become dehydrated. This stimulant free supplement is available in the following flavors to choose from; blue raspberry, fruit punch, and watermelon.

Arnold Iron CRE3 Creatine Highlights

When using the Arnold Iron CRE3 Creatine supplement it provides you with a series of ingredients to help promote your body with improved hydration, improved strength, and performance through the nitrates absorbed directly into your bloodstream.
It provides your body with the oxygen required when sprinting or power lifting, while supporting your muscles for greater performance.

The formulation and use of this supplement

The Arnold Iron CRE3 supplement consists of both propriety blends and individual components to provide your muscles with the nutrition required while exercising.

The key ingredients are Creatine Nitrate that increases your muscle strength during workouts that is delivered to your muscles faster. Taurine is an amino acid that assists with enhanced performance while training and decreases the build-up of lactate that is common with muscle tiredness. And the L-Glutamine helps to reduce ammonia accumulating in your body.

The suggested dosage of the supplement is to take the pre-portioned packet provided with a full glass of water at least 30 minutes before starting your training session. The supplement contains added artificial flavors and additives, plus vitamin C and E.

Benefits and Drawbacks to using Arnold Iron CRE3 Creatine

The supplement comes highly recommended by users who have bought the product with a 4.3/5 star rating and are very pleased with the results of using the pre-workout enhancement.




  • Contains creatine nitrate that combines your energy and power with boosting benefits with each pump you take.
  • It’s a great pre-workout that helps you train harder and longer
  • Is ten times more soluble than most other supplements
  • Consists of added vitamins to keep your body healthy while training, providing you with the required nutrients
  • Very affordable




  • Some users say the product is very sour, it all depends on your taste buds