How Creatine works

These questions always arise when people talk about creatine, how does it work, how does it build muscles, does it actually work and how soon will you see results?

The substance creatine is produced in your kidneys and liver at the rate of two grams a day. This is a naturally occurring amino acid and 95% of this supplement is used by your muscles, heart, and your body cells through your blood stream. However the majority of creatine is stored in your skeletal muscles.

How does your body use creatine?

Once you have consumed creatine, it travels to your muscles through your bloodstream. Once it reaches your muscle cells; it’s turned into creatine phosphate. This substance is used for a short term to provide energy for training activities.

Creatine Phosphate helps to reload your Adenosine Triphosphate, the fuel that helps you to get strength and build your muscle structure. So when you do exercises and require energy, especially strength training, your body relies on this ATP.

This usually lasts from 5 to 10 seconds with intense muscle spasms providing your body with the immediate fuel required. Conversely, your body only acquires only a minimal amount of creatine from your diet. Without Creatine supplement, you won’t be able to do as many repetitions as someone who’s taking it.

The magic of creatine supplementation

By supplementing your body with extra creatine, your body stores creatine phosphate in your muscles to help extend the transfer of ATP, ensuring that you have more energy during your workouts. You should remember that creatine only boosts the energy production and does not build your muscles, but by allowing you do to even one more rep, your muscles will be pushed to grow more.

Creatine in intense workouts

While doing intense workouts, creatine phosphate supplies your type 11b muscle with fiber or also known as fast-twitch high glycolitic muscles, the muscle that becomes the largest in size. Providing your muscle with energy to ensure that they do not become fatigued!

This aids in strengthening the muscles while contracting, helping you to pump more, sprint faster or become more forcefully while in exercise. When used in this manner, it’s called high energy phosphate.

Creatine working as a recovery enhancer

It had been found that when athletes run for 30 km, the creatine supplementation aids in reducing muscle cell damage taking place, preventing inflammation after the exercises.

Helps enhance muscle volumization

Creatine is known to cause your muscle cells to inflate, producing muscles to appear bigger and stimulates in protein synthesis. The surplus of creatine in your muscles will pump water, making your muscles look bigger. Don’t get too happy about it, it’s still just water!


Over decades, athletes and bodybuilders have used creatine to strengthen their body structure.